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About our shop

We at Creation of sound are specialized in the making and selling of quality sound instruments.

All instruments come from our well known sources and we take the time, to hand pick the right instruments for our shop.

For this reason, we don't have hundreds of instruments for sale. We only have the best of the best, with good sound and vibes.

Antique bowls

Besides our newly made instruments, such as bowls, bells, rods and gongs, we also sell antique instruments, mostly old Tibetan singing bowls, from before 1640. All antique bowls we sell are made by monks, men and women, and are made with a goal, message and intention. We find it very important to share this intention with the new owner of a bowl. For this reason, when we sell a bowl, we always take the time to be in contact with the buyer and talk about this. A conversation where we go deeper into the bowl can take around an hour, so please be aware of it when buying a bowl.

Extra info

All our old bowls are from before 1640, and were all made with a goal and formed from intention. The smaller bowls were often personal bowls from monks, which could have been a man or woman. They were made especially for that person until that person would pass away. The sound and energy of the bowl would change as that person grew in consciousness.

The bigger bowls were usually used in different ways, for example to meditate, for initiation, birth, passing, herbs etc.

What each bowl was used for we can read from the bowl, usually from its 7 energy layers. Each bowl has its own unique story.

The bowls are often many thousand years old and are made with an incredible knowledge and insight by the Tibetans. They are like libraries with hidden knowledge. The old Tibetans knew about the human development and there are many bowls made for Now as well.

Almost all bowls we have are currently "closed" since they haven't been used for a long time. Take a look through our shop and see which one you feel attracted to most. It is beautiful to see how every time a bowl finds its right owner. When you bought a bowl with us, we can open the bowl again. This can be done through skype together, or we can do it for you. When we open the bowl, we will feel the bowl and make a connection with it through its energy layers. Slowly the bowl tells its story, its message and why it was made and how it can help now. This is a unique and wonderful experience and we are still amazed with every bowl we open.


Besides our handmade gongs, we also sell older gongs. These also come with an intention. Here we can also take the time to read the instrument, sharing its message with you. 


Custom instruments

If you are looking for a particular sound instrument, don't hesitate to contact us. We have many possibilities to get the right instrument for you. We can make instruments our selves, find an antique one or you can even make your own in one of our workshops


Our mission

Our mission is to spread our knowledge of sound and sound instruments and to spread out our instruments around the world, to make it a better place for everyone. We feel that the connection our instruments make with the world, the people and beyond can slowly make this world a better place for everyone.

You can find more information about us HERE

If you have any questions about an instrument, or any other questions, we are happy to help, so don't hesitate to contact us!

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