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Spain workshop

Sound trip to the Pyrenees in the North of Spain.

Create your own singing bowl or gong in complete tranquility.

In 2020  we will be giving two new workshop weeks.

England workshop

In England we have a beautiful location to make your own singing bowl.

In order to make a good sound instrument we will connect ourselves through meditation with the World of sound.

Experience this wonderful event in august 2020


In September we will go to Poland for a new sound journey.

It is an international workshop with as a goal your personal development through the creation of your own sound instrument, forging your own gong or singing bowl.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, our home base we have a few different special workshops on offer. 


 jewelry making or singing bowl making.


It is possible, to make your own singing bowl! Experience the process of forging and hammering to create your own unique bowl in Belgium.

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