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We have the great pleasure of working together with many different people all over Europe.

Here you can find some of our amazing colleagues. They all do slightly different work and are all great at what they do. We celebrate our diversity and would highly recommend to take a closer look at what all these wonderful people are doing.


Greet Wielemans

Greet is a woman of many trades. She is an amazing singer, not only performing in her own group, but also working with all kinds of people bringing them together with the help of song. She also works with singing bowls. Giving courses for professionals in the healthcare and educational sector, but also teaching people about the inner peace sound brings and providing individual sound therapy.

She is located in Belgium and you can find more information on



Lukasz has an amazing website where you can buy everything related to spirituality, sound and sound instruments. His products are all imported from the Himalaya region and he makes sure to offer the best products for a good price. He also offers a few courses each year related to sound, with different guests that provide the course.

He is located in Poland and you can find more information on


Gabriella & Heather

This wonderful team works together to create amazing workshop in creating your own singing bowl. Gabriella has been a sound healer / sound alchemist for many years and her love of forging makes the perfect combination to provide guidance to each individual attending their workshops.

Heather has a passion for music and food and as an energy healer has deep respect for all that lives. She gives people access to more of themselves through sound, music and creative mentoring. Working with singing bowls brings together all her gifts and makes her a true asset to this team.

Gabriella and Heather are located in England and you can find more information on

History of Singing Bowl Project
In 2003 I had the privilege of meeting a coppersmith and singing-bowl maker Ton Akkermans from Holland who has been teaching me the art of crafting my own singing bowls and healing instruments which now accompany me on musical meditations, sound-weaving concerts and in sound healing sessions.

Ton has worked as a copper- and blacksmith most of his life. He recalled his experience as a blacksmith in other lifetimes and cultures, creating singing bowls and metal instruments in ancient Tibet. His memories as a master bowl-maker in Tibet showed him how each bowl was made very intentionally in deep meditative work – each for a very specific purpose – be it to accompany one monk on his spiritual journey of awakening or for a specified use in a temple or village. Some of the larger and very powerful bowls were hammered by several master craftsmen – maybe even over generations – only at certain times – imbuing them with special vibrational tasks for different times.

Ton was guided to start crafting singing bowls and other healing metal instruments that specifically vibrate with frequencies needed for this Time now, which now he dedicates his life to. He gives bowl making workshops, sound healing concerts and sound workshops with his many handcrafted instruments. He also teaching about re-tuning the old bowls that have been brought from the east to the west for new purposes in this new time we are in now.

I have trained with Ton for many years now and a few years ago he invited me to assist with the teaching of the crafting of  bowls and sound instruments. In 2010 I was joined in the bowl making passion by Quentin Cowen and Heather Smith Cowen and we set up a bowl-making forge, project and school together near Salisbury, UK

This piece is written by Gabriella Kapfer about their bowl project


Together we set up "the school of sound" in England.


Ton Akkermans has worked as a blacksmith and has been interested in the properties of metals most of his life.

Ton has memories of previous lifetimes as an experienced gong/singing bowl maker in ancient Tibet. These memories have shown him how each singing bowl was traditionally made with a specific  intention. Sometimes a singing bowl accompanied the spiritual growth of a monk throughout his life. Other times singing bowls had a specific use in a temple or village. Some of the larger and more powerful singing bowls were hammered by several master craftsmen -maybe even over several generations- imbueing them with special vibrational tasks for different occasions.


Ton has dedicated his life to the creation of singing bowls and other healing metal instruments with the specific frequencies needed in our time.

Together with his wife, Carolina Schomper, Ton facilitates workshops where the participants make their own singing bowls/gongs. Ton and Carolina regularly give sound healing concerts with the huge diversity of their handcrafted instruments.


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