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Newsletter December 2020

For the sound lovers.

What is happening on our planet, such a big transformation with new ideas. The chaos were we in now, you could say is promising for the future.

Out of the ash of old paradigms, old ideas, will rise the Phoenix, grand and healed.  This is what we see happening right now, it’s not easy but for this we came to the earth, to be part of it, to take our responsibility. To learn and to grow. What a grandeur, what a lesson , what a gift.

It is all written in the stars and the Tibetan from long ago knew about it , they knew about the language of the stars and they could see were humankind was going to. That they (humankind) would forget everything about who they were and about their connection with mother earth and all her beings. That they would be led away from unity. Not anymore in connection with true life, with the goddess and everything she stands for.

But this has slowly changed, the potention is there now to wake up, to go in a deeper connection with our soul. Feeling again the true about life, the real value. The real value of life in our own beings, in our hearts and in connection with nature. This is what the old Tibetans saw long time ago. We have to take responsibility for our own lives and for our planet. As the Elders say : we are the ones who we are waiting for. That’s so beautiful but we are not used to it.

Friday night the 6 of November this reached a tremendous low point in the history of the planet. I think you all know that our planet has been hacked by different beings form beyond our planet for a long time , thousands of years. Human beings  were meant to become and remain slaves. Friday night was a real low point because we as humanity were completely cut off from mother earth and the cosmos

A total closure of the entire earth, including the forces of nature and our own light. And this in a way which was going far beyond what was happening other times. Ton couldn’t even get any connection with the angels and with arch angel Miquel with which he usually works together.

What now??? All emptiness. A mayor attack on our human bodies. We have slowly moved towards this point, more and more we were shown the way away from ourselves, already for thousands of years.

Ton was eventually able to make a connection with the beings of Andromeda, they are from a different galaxy and a lot of them are on our planet with good intentions. In collaboration with these beings, a very small dark planet became visible. A planet smaller than the moon and it was shrouded in the dark, making it invisible.  On this little planet lived beings that wanted to enslave our humanity and which prompted humanity to make advanced techniques such as the internet and 5G. This night with help of the beings from Andromeda their work is stopped, this planet can’t do their work on our planet any more.

This beings, from this little planet, as it were,  drank our energy.  The membranes( the skin) of our aura and also our organs and (by the woman the womb) are not completely closed, they are damaged, too permeable so our energy flows away. Those membranes can be healed now but we have to do that our selves.  So that our energy of creation stay with us and can’t be misused or abused any more.

This Saturday morning I woke up very early and I felt everything was locked ( I didn’t know what was happening during the night and what Ton was going through) it was black behind my eyes and that is not normal for me. I decided to go out of my bed, put my clothes on and went on meditation. But that didn’t work, I couldn’t make connection with mother earth and not with the cosmos but also not with my own body and my light. Then I remembered an important sound bowl of us, one which was made for the highest initiation, this bowl ensured that you were completely cut off from everything. The initiation was that you had to make the connection with earth and heaven and everything again by yourself. We may have gone through a collective initiation this night, this has been given to us, as it were, as an opportunity to experience our own sovereignty again.

I had to go deep in it and with my second meditation that day I came in my body again.  This closure of the earth, the cosmos and our light is an enormous attack on our body. Also a great moment to make a new connection. Grand.

We are liberated, but now the real work begins on ourselves. Really connect with mother earth, the elementals, nature, the angels, your divine core, your I am-presence and the world of sound. Every day after this night, more and more energy came in my body, great joy returned and on Monday I danced the whole evening on Tango music with strength and joy and played the drums.

With free will power we can reconnect with the nature beings, the angelic world, the Goddess, and all beings in our universe, from our heart and our soul. The blueprint of our true being can now descend further into our physical and ethereal body.

Many sound bowls are made in the old days for the time we are living in now. We can learn so much from the old Tibetans singing bowls. Everything we have forgotten has, as it were, been catches with intention in the old singing bowls from the Tibetan.

With much joy I can tell you that we found again a collection old Tibetan bowls, good quality. You know old is always from before the year 1640 about. And they are waiting, that we people will read them together, so they come on the good places where they can do their work together with the human. To take back responsibility for life again on this beautiful planet Earth.

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