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SOUND can bring one back to his Essence. Especially in these stressful 

times it is healing to experience sound in a state of Silence. The sound 

guides us back into the Silence of the Soul. Sound and its energy can 

have therapeutically effects and give moments of enjoyment.



Sound connects us with the Divine, the Divine part within us which we 

often experience so weakly in our daily life. Sound as such functions as a 



Since humanity makes use of metals, metals are being applied in the 

creation of sound and of musical instruments. In this process man has 

been in search of the One Perfect All Transcending Sound. 

Many generations of smiths and coppersmiths dedicated their work to 

this search. Ton Akkermans stands within this line of craft ship. He has 

been searching to create instruments that express who we are and what 

we feel in this era. His instruments are tuned into the frequency of 432 

Hertz, which takes one back to the Silence of the Soul. 



Ton has been recognized by a.o. Don Conreaux, a world-famous gong 

master, as a genuine Sound master. One of his objectives is to share his 

knowledge and insights about sound bowls and gongs from the past with 

people who are working with these instruments. 

He has the gift to feel the origin, history and present destiny of old 

Tibetan sound bowls. He opens them energetically and brings the bowls 

to the energy of this time. This he also does with other instruments, such 

as cello’s, piano’s etc. This knowledge is of crucial importance and 

therefore it is Ton’s wish to pass it on.

Nowadays, sound bowls very often are polluted or closed. When used for 

healing purposes this can have an opposite effect.

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