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Sound trip Spain Pyrenees

Last February I attended a sound workshop in Spain with Ton & Carolina. the week long workshop takes place at an unique location. A better place than La Colina is hard to find, it is a combination of an isolated place, stunning nature and beautiful buildings.  Also the food was taken care of from morning till evening and was so much better than expected.

There is something truly special about Ton & Carolinas workshops. Within the group a dynamic develops that makes the magic in the world a little more tangible. Always unexpected new insights develop or old connections are created. This is not just a normal workshop, but a chance to marvel yourself and to observe the depths of the world and yourself. Sound is the guide in it all.

I went home with two beautiful bowls, those I will cherish the rest of my life.

Sound trip Pyrenees

I first heard about La Miana from you and Ton, 8 or 9 years ago, on a course at Hawkwood and, from then on, it was a dream to be able to go there one day.  This year I achieved that dream and the place was more beautiful than I had imagined - raw and rugged are two words that spring to mind. 


The Rectoria de La Miana is a lovely place, basic, but it has everything that is necessary for a workshop of this type.  The incredible thing is the energy of the place - perfect for creating bowls with amazing energy and beauty.  So many people on the course were 'blown away' with what they achieved including me.


You and Ton were, as always, incredibly supportive of us all and we all really appreciated the hours that you put in to make sure that everyone achieved their goals.


Our hosts, Frans and Eveline, couldn't have been more welcoming and the food was superb.  Would I go again? Yes, without a doubt!


Love and light


Quintin & Zena



After a concert in England

Dear Heather, Gabriella, Quitin, Ton and Carolina

'My chest is widening. Trying to relax, take deeper breaths, let go and open up. The diaphragm is tight. My right side untwisting. The left Bladder meridian, on top of my head, screaming.
The fear comes out of me. Enormous amount of fear. So much of it held in my body, been there for a long long time...but it is also the pain of Iraqi and Syrian women. Kids, sweaty men fighting. The desert, the Middle East, Gaza,
etc...Deep in me, poisoning me. Coming out and I can't contain it. Tears rolling down. For all the women, the kids, the men, the land. I deeply deeply feel the pain and ask for help. The gong Ton is playing sounds like sirens, like drones... It just echoes the cry of the Middle East. I ask for mercy, for resolution, for peace. For healing.'

Sounds very dramatic, perhaps. It felt enormous, in the inner world, provoked by the sound. However, I am very very grateful to be able to touch this pain so deeply, to bring it to the light for the healing of all.

Many many thanks, dear friends.
With love and light,



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