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Soundtrip to Poland

In april we will go to Poland for a new sound journey.

It will take place on the 10th until the 14rd of June, 2020.

It is an international workshop with as a goal your personal development through

the creation of your own sound instrument, forging your own gong or singing bowl.

During the workshop we will use German, English and Polish.

You don't need any special knowledge or specific skills to attend this wonderful workshop.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience something big and amazing - follow your heart!

These four days of joy and hard work take place at a special location - in the remote forests of Poland, close to the city Barlinek - 88km from city Szczecin and just 174km from Berlin.

Accommodation: Simple two and three bedroom rooms with own toilet.

The catering and accommodation is included in the price.

All materials - like bronze and brass - are included in the price up till one kilo. 

Location: Lawin 3, in Poland.

To find in google maps click here.


If you don't have any car available you could come to Szczecin (With for example Ryanair or Wizz Air), the airports of Berlin are your second best option. The Buss leaves every 2 hours to Szczecin. If you arrive in Szczecin or Gorzow, the organizer of the workshop can help you with a ride to the location. 


If you want to attend this workshop or would like more information, please write an email to:

A non-refundable deposit of €200,- needs to be payed to book a spot.


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