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Sound trip to the Pyrenees

in the North of Spain

Create your own singing bowl, gong or other sound instrument in complete tranquility.

In 2020 we will have the following two weeks available:


Week 1: April 25th - May 1st

Week 2: May 2nd - May 9th (With an extra day to go deeper into sound)

Both weeks are already filling up nicely, so be sure to book in time to guarantee a spot.

We have organized a new sound trip to the region of the Cathars in Spain. 

In both weeks we will give the opportunity to make a gong for those people who have already made two bowls in our workshop or with in England or with us.

At a Celtic goddess location we are going back to the silence of the soul.

On this marvelous natural site we will connect ourselves with the world of sound and will create our own sound instrument out of silence and with the right intention.

It is a beautiful location in the middle of Mountains in between Besalu and Olot,

with a beautiful small chapel. La Miana. 


The program:

In the morning we start the day after breakfast with physical exercise in the open air after which we start a meditation in the chapel.

The artistic process will start. The cutting of the material, file, cleaning, the forging, and the finish touch. This is an individual process and everyone chooses his/her own spot to work. 

At 13.30h: time for lunch and until 16.30h siesta. After 16.30h we will give extra attention to the listening and feeling of sounds and opening of the bowls you might have brought with you, a lecture about the sound world and the continuation of working on the completion of your own instrument.

Also we will experience what sound does with nature and with elementary beings. 

The day will be completed in the chapel in order to enjoy our dinner in a satisfied way. In the evening inside the warm wood heater is burning, giving a very warm and cosy atmosphere. In the evening it is completely dark outside and you can see all the beautiful stars.

The terrain itself offers plenty of space to wander around for hours, if you feel attracted to do so. At 20 minutes walking distance there is a waterfall. 


Extra Information:

It is possible to come two weeks as well, we would especially recommend this if you wanted to make more instruments or a bigger sound instrument. For those who like to book two weeks instead of the one week,

will get a 10% discount on the first week above the €75,- for booking before the 1 of Januari .

Accommodation: The single and double rooms are clean and simple. If you are coming by yourself and all single rooms all full you will be placed in a room with someone else, in this please let us know if you prefer to stay with someone of your own gender. (please note that almost all single rooms are already booked at this point)  

Food: All main meals are included, these are wonderful simple, vegetarian meals.

         If you would like some extra snacks, please be aware that there is no supermarket near by, so these should be brought in           in advance.

Costs :

Week 1: € 975,- incl. all meals, concert, spiritual guidance and accommodation. Excl. material and travel expenses. 

Week 2: € 1075,- incl. all meals, concert, extra information about the background of sound, spiritual guidance and accommodation. Excl. material and travel expenses.

Materials: € 12 till € 100,- (the price of material will be higher when making a gong)

Costs to sign in €350, this will be deducted from the total price.

Early bird discount: For those who book before January 1st will get a €75,-

                           discount .

Extra week discount: For those who like to book two weeks instead of the one week,

                              will get a 10% discount on the first week of the workshops.

Location: Rectoria de la Miana 

Directions: La Miana, s/n, 17850 Sant Ferriol, Girona, near the village of Sant Jaume de Llierca. 


By flight: Sometimes cheap flights are not going daily, so it could occur that you will arrive earlier or leave later. In this case, you can always book some extra nights at the Rectoria de la Miana.  Tel. (0034)-972190190 Frans Engelhard    For cheap flights to Girona.        “   “        “             “     or to Barcelona.      

If you land at Girona, you have to travel to the main train station, there you can take a direct bus from to Sant Jaume.

When you arrive by bus in Sant Jaume de Llierca (has only one stop at Bar Anton), you can call Frans Engelhard. Tel. (0034)-972190190 and he will pick you up by car. More information you can find here.

If you land at Barcelona take the bus to Plaça de Catalunya. Here you have to walk a little to get to another bus stop that will take you to Sant Jaume. You can find all information here. When you arrive by bus in Sant Jaume de Llierca (has only one stop at Bar Anton), you call Frans Engelhard. Tel. (0034)-972190190 and he will pick you up by car.

By car: If you go by car, the way through Clermont Ferrand is far out the cheapest and also astonishingly beautiful. ( less toll and you will see the wonderfully beautiful bridge near Milau ) Is there snow you can better follow the route passing Lyon or Limoges.

You can find more information here.

Extra info:

- We would like to know beforehand who wants to make a gong, because we need to bring extra tools and anvils for this.

- The journey will take place with a minimum of 6 participants. You will return with a valuable instrument that will last for centuries and will be a true heirloom.

For more information you can send an email to


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