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Soundtrip to England.

Singing bowl & gong making in England 2020

August 27 - 31 we will be at Hawkwood College. More information? Check

Hawkwood, Stroud, UK

We first came to Hawkwood in 2006, recommended by Gabriella Kapfer.  We return each year to teach the craft of making a singing bowl, with attunements and time in nature. We enjoy the lovely surroundings and beautiful food. Hawkwood is an ethical centre, founded in 1948, whose mission is to bring people and organisations together in support of creative endeavour, a flourishing society and a sustainable environment.

If you have any questions, please contact Hawkwood by phone or mail:

Phone: +44 (0) 1453759034



In order to make a good sound instrument we will connect ourselves through meditation with the World of sound. The forging is a meditative and artistic process. It is absolutely not heavy and is accessible for persons having some problems with their shoulder or elbow. It is all about rhythm and letting the weight of the hammer do its work.

By means of a lecture the nature of sound will be revealed and also the diversity of sound dimensions we can connect us with. Through examples and 

experiences we will make you feel intensely: sound and its laws. The sounds that will arise (in frequency 432) bring us back to silence of the 

soul. Your first instrument will be your own personal bowl for personal use only. In a 2nd or a 3rd workshop you are able to create a therapeutic sound 

bowl, rods, triangles, cymbals ,tub bells or a gong in a 3rd workshop.

The sound instruments will be initiated and connected to a sound grid (dimension) of this era. Sound is the origin of creation and how you play is of 

crucial importance.  We will pay attention to this. 

Learn to listen to the sounds, the energy and the silence will make us aware of nature in all its elements and will bring us into a deeper contact with our soul.  

If you are the owner of a sound bowl (or more) you can bring this in order to have it connected to the present sound grid and in order to open it, if you might wish.  Ton has the gift to see and feel where old Tibetan sound bowls once were used for and where in this era they should be used for, in order to open them to bring their energy to this present era. You will be surprised about the difference in sound and energy that will occur, the space the bowl will be given to take its righteous place.

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